How To Construct Muscle WithOUT Lifting Heavier (5 Science-Based mostly Hacks)

Discover ways to construct muscle with out lifting heavier with these nice ideas from Jeremy Ethier.

How To Construct Muscle WithOUT Lifting Heavier

“With regards to the way to construct muscle, everyone knows the significance of progressive overload. Nonetheless, what now of us fail to comprehend is that the progressive overload precept is not restricted to simply including extra weight to an train. By definition it merely means doing greater than you have executed earlier than, which locations better stress in your muscular tissues extra time and causes them to develop. And there are a number of the way to perform this with out the necessity to add on extra weight (ie you can progressively overload at residence). On this video, I will present you the way to construct muscle with out heavy weights, so you may proceed maximizing development with out lifting heavier. ”

How To Construct Muscle WithOUT Lifting Heavier

“One of many issues we are able to do for extra development with out including extra weight is to range our lifting tempo. By merely slowing down our reps, our muscular tissues will now expertise better time beneath stress to stimulate extra development. ”

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“And that is additionally the important thing to the progressive overload precept. Nonetheless, there’s a threshold past which slowing down the velocity of your lifts has a detrimental impact on hypertrophy. A lifting tempo of roughly 0.5-3 seconds for the concentric and eccentric parts of your reps is greatest. One other approach we are able to construct extra muscle with out heavier weights is by utilizing the identical load and performing the identical quantity of reps BUT with extra effectivity. That means that you just’re lifting the identical load however with higher kind, extra management, and with higher activation of the goal muscle. ”

“The subsequent factor we are able to do to progressively overload at house is to shorten the remaining durations we take between our units. As a result of if we are able to go from performing as an instance a dumbbell shoulder press for 10 reps at a sure weight with 3 minutes of relaxation in between units, to now performing the identical reps and weight however with simply 2 minutes of relaxation, we’ll stimulate extra development because of the added metabolic stress. ”

How To Construct Muscle WithOUT Lifting Heavier

“Nonetheless, we don’t need to shorten the remaining occasions to the purpose the place our quantity and reps carried out lower considerably. To your primary compound actions within the gymnasium and even compound body weight actions, you would not need to lower your relaxation occasions to shorter than 2 minutes. Resulting from isolation actions, you may lower your relaxation interval to 60-90 seconds. ”

“One other factor we are able to do for progressive overload is alter the vary of movement of our workout routines. In case you carry out these varied workout routines with the identical quantity of weight, but merely improve the vary of movement of the train, you may successfully improve each the stretch and the time beneath stress your muscle experiences throughout every rep and consequently stimulate extra development. “

“Additionally, as a result of lifting gentle weights with a better rep vary builds comparable muscle development as heavier weights with a decrease rep vary do so long as you are pushing to or near failure, you may simply merely improve the numbers of reps you carry out per set to maximise muscle development. As for the way excessive to go, the brink appears to be proper round 30 reps or so. ”

“So, as for the way greatest to implement these 5 strategies, I might at all times advocate beginning with effectivity earlier than shifting onto the opposite strategies. So for instance as an instance you may carry out 3 units of 15 reps of a weighted push-up and are actually able to overload it to stimulate some extra development. To take action, you need to first begin by aiming to carry out these 3 units of 15 reps with higher kind and with higher activation of your chest. Solely when you nail that down do you have to then transfer onto the varied different strategies I mentioned on this ‘the way to construct muscle with out heavy weights’ video to make the motion much more tough. ”

How To Construct Muscle WithOUT Lifting Heavier

“All in all although guys stress is stress, and your muscular tissues cannot inform whether or not you apply that further stress in your muscle by lifting heavier or by utilizing a few of the strategies I went by means of on this ‘the way to construct muscle with out lifting heavier’ video. And though there does ultimately come to some extent the place it is simply extra handy to overload your actions by including extra weight, I hope you have been capable of see that there are nonetheless many viable methods that you may proceed stimulating development with out the necessity to carry heavier. ”

Video – How To Construct Muscle WITHOUT Lifting Heavier

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