I did 100 calf raises a day for per week – this is what occurred

I do not learn about you, however I typically neglect to coach my calves. Till now, they’ve not been one thing I have been overly involved about as I squat, lunge, and deadlift. That stated, a current dialog with a run coach pressured me to cease and take into consideration my calf energy – your calf muscle mass take up the influence once you’re operating or strolling and propel you forwards. They’re a vital part in the case of decrease physique energy, so why was I neglecting them?

By no means one to draw back from a problem, I made a decision so as to add 100 calf raises a day to my routine for per week to see what occurred. As a marathon runner, my schedule includes round 5 runs per week, in addition to a few energy coaching classes, and the odd Pilates or yoga class chucked in for measure.

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